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Oct 28, 2012 3:00am PDT
states. the four-point advantage to obama. the latest cnn/orc poll. you have the polls and numbers, but we want to hear directly from the voters. we sent the cnn election express on the road to take the polls of voters in some of these key swing states. we're calling it the battleground bus tour. and we have cnn political contributor john avalon joining me bright and early on this sunday. fancy meeting you here, friend. what, ali velshi couldn't -- >> good morning, brooke. >> you couldn't wake alli velsh up to join you? >> this morning i drew the short straw, all good. early a.m., lexington, virginia. >> team player, appreciate it. tell me what do you at the town hall you hosted with students in lexington. >> it was fascinating, brooke. we sat down with students here at washington lee university. and this is -- this is, i think, a center right campus, no question. their viewers were incredibly nuanced about the economy. there were romney supporters, obama supporters. the number-one issue was the economy with a special focus on deficit and debt. here's some of the folks we spoke to.
Oct 30, 2012 4:00am PDT
weather-related news to us. >> some election news, actually, soledad this morning. election day is now a week away. both president obama and governor mitt romney are canceling events in response to super storm sandy. instead of heading to n event he had in florida, the president provided major disaster declarations for the states of new jersey, new york. and officials say he will also cancel today's scheduled campaign events. >>> meantime, romney says he will not be campaigning today either. however, he will be holding a storm relief event in ohio where he will be joined eed by race driver richard petty and country sing singer. >>> massachusetts candidates brown and warren announced they would not attend a scheduled debate. they both say that efforts should be focused on disaster relief. >> appreciate it, zoraida. dan lothian, i want to talk to you about what zoraida was just talking about. many people, including those campaigning, say we're going to put the campaign on hold as we focus on disaster relief. what can you tell us about that? >> the campaign itself is not on hold but the
Nov 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
:30 eastern here on c-span. just a short while ago, president obama farthered the white house this morning on his way to wisconsin with just a few days until the election, the president is returning to the campaign trail after placing his campaign on hold for the past few days to manage the federal response to hurricane sandy. the president holds a rally in green bay, wisconsin, this morning before heading west for an eempt later today in las vegas. you can watch both those events live on line at tonight at 9:00 eastern, the president will be speaking to supporters at the university of colorado in boulderment you can watch that live right here on c-span. mitt romney is campaigning throughout virginia today. he'll be in roanoke, virginia beach, and this afternoon in doswell just outside richmond. c-span will have live coverage of that stop beginning about 2:15. also live a rally with mitt romney's wife ann. that will be at noon eastern. she's speaking with supporters in columbus, ohio. live today at noon here on c-span. president obama yesterday spent the afternoon with new jers
Nov 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
news" for complete election results on tuesday. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. we'll have live updates all night long on facebook and through twitter. >> today president obama gathers top aides to meet with state and local officials from states impacted by hurricane sandy. today he and his cabinet members will hold conference calls with the governors of new jersey and connecticut to make sure that fema is doing everything possible with the recovery. he wants to avoid the problems in hurricane katrina disaster. >> ordered that resources are available as soon as they needed them. not let the red tape get in the way of solving problems especially when it came to local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following today's meetings, they will fan out and visit storm damaged communities throughout the region. to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. mitt romney gave the republican address with his own comments. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those on the east coast. americans come together in times of crisis
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am EDT
their last-minute strategy. the romney campaign trying to expand the election map, targeting three reliably democratic states, michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania. and while both sides are now running ads in these states, senior obama campaign adviser david axelrod said the romney strategy amounts to a hail mary pass from a campaign running out of routes to 2 sgle70. >> i will come on "morning joe" and shave off my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of those three straiates. >> let's bring in robert tram. that was pretty good, right? >> i'm not going to make that bet for my hair. let me put it that way. >> you're not going to shave your head? >> no. >> robert, is this a hail mary pass? in the swing state polls the president is winning or tied with mitt romney in florida, virginia, ohio. >> well, what it is, it's a head game. what the romney campaign is doing because they're flush with cash, they're spending money in these states to play a little bit of offense here so that the obama campaign can kind of say oh, my goodness, they're spending money here, we have to shore up our base and we nee
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of campaigning for a brief time back in 2008 as both candidate obama and candidate mccain went back to the white house to deal with the debt crisis and the banking crisis, but we have never seen this before, you know, six days out from election day. the president of the united states, the incumbent campaigning for a second term literally suspend operations on his campaign for 48 hours. the romney campaign has been trying to do the best they can in this situation to not say anything that could be termed inconvenience or challenging. mitt romney didn't mention president obama's name at this point. the stakes that the president is dealing with now, those are strong territories for the obama campaign: delaware, new jersey, new york. the obama campaign was not worried about those states n. a political sense, mind you, but clearly anything the president is doing now, the response to this crisis is being watched by the country as a whole, and when you have president obama in his role as president right now and mitt romney kind of relegated to the sidelines right now as the republican challenger, that i
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
romney, this election season, there are now 47 million people on food stamps. that's an increase of 14.7 million people or 46% since obama took office, and those people buy the smaller units at dollar general. say what you want about the president, the increase in food stamps is a huge tail wind for dollar general. and it's natural they would have some major stock-up business ahead of this storm. however, hurricane sandy is just icing on the cake for dollar general. i can't do any trades because they're too flawed but this investment, i like. i would be telling you to make this investment without the food stamp stock-up business from the storm. why am i such a big fan of this one? dollar general is the best of the dollar steers. best management, it's been able to deliver consistent double-digit earnings growth for the last several years. second, there's been trouble in the dollar store space recently. i think this industry is still a terrific fit for the times we're in. it ain't no boom here. an environment of high unemployment, slow wage growth, expensive gas prices, you better believ
Oct 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> jim, i know you're deeply involved in the presidential election which is upcoming. clearly for president obama. you've certainly declared. i wanted to know is this the kind of october and november now surprise that can benefit a sitting president more than a candidate? >> well, who knows. i mean, you know, there's been -- i've heard it argued both ways, jim. that, you know, the people who are lower income are going to have more difficulty getting to the polls. other people have indicated that -- that it will favor the sitting president. certainly i hope that's the case. but i can't predict that. >> jim, i wonder, though, we're getting some fresh polling out of ohio where the president once not long ago, jim, had a five-point lead. it looks very even right now. people still discussing a participation gap, an enthusiasm gap versus his first election in 2008. how do you -- how worried are you about that? >> well, obviously concerned. i would expect that in michigan and ohio where the car industry has been reenergized, that that would have a significant impact. we certainly not
Oct 28, 2012 1:00am PDT
'm not a partisan person. people will say, oh my gosh, you're carrying water for obama. i'm not. it doesn't matter to me. i'm a journalist. or that you like -- you guys are trying to get mitt romney elected president. neither of which is true. but why is john sununu a surrogate for the romney campaign when he says such outlandish you know what? why? >> i don't know why they would use him at this stage of the game, frankly. because he is somebody that does not have much of a filter. and we are at a stage of the campaign where, listen, mitt romney could win. he's actually doing very well. >> absolutely. but john sununu is not helping the case. >> we don't need any unforced errors. and i think that when you put john sununu out there, he is a guy who says what he thinks. sometimes it comes out wrong. he's got no filters. i would say, get him off tv between now and november 6th. >> go ahead, l.z. >> we know why he's there. he's there because he speaks to a certain -- a number of people within the romney base. he gets them fired up. it's the same reason why bill maher says the things he says. it fires u
Nov 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
. the question of the election comes down the this -- do you want more of the same, or do you want real change? h we bring real change. candidate obama promised change, but he could not deliver it. i promise change, but i have a record of achieving it. i built a business. i turned around another. i helped put an olympics back on track. with a democrat-led legislature i helped to turn my state from deficit to surplus, from job losses to job gains, and higher taxes to higher take-home pay. th that's change. this is why i'm running for president. i know how the change the course of the country is on and how to get us to a ball lanced budget and how the build jobs and help raise take-home pay, and accomplishing real change is something that i don't just talk about. it is something that i have done. it is what i am going to do when i'm president of the united states with your help. so, the people across america, if you believe we can do better, and if you believe that america should be on a better course, and if you are tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
to continue to be the economy. the final jobs report before election day is out. employers added 171,000 jobs in october. the numbers are better than expected with unemployment rate of 7.9%. both sides clearly are spinning the numbers to their advantage. president obama said it means the country is headed in the right direction and mitt romney said it's nine million jobs short of what the president promised. analysts say they are both right. >> no question we have come out where the economy nearly stalled out. we accelerated from that and that's the good news. the bad news is that the threshold is low. >> both are ramping up their campaigns and the president's team is in ohio, wisconsin and virginia. >> much more ahead on today in the bay. thieves caught in the act. neighbors put an end to a disturbing trend in one bay area city. we will show you how they did it and a final homecoming. the last remaining space shuttle arrives home. we will show you when and where you can see a case of space history up close. >>> good morning. looking live at one of the boats headed out, it is the first day of
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
president obama and mitt romney are encouraging early voting but in states where hurricane sandy is expected to hit. election workers are expecting a much lower early voting turnout. >>> the daughter of marco rubio is recovering following an accident. the senator was notified about the accident yesterday while at a rally with presidential candidate company mitt romney. now family friends said she was in the passenger seat of a golf cart in a gated community. she was airlifted to the hospital with a head injury. >> she is doing bet are and the whole family is next to her. >> doctors say it appears she suffered a concussion and could be released today. the prices present and president as well as mitt romney gave a call of support. >>> they are trying to find the person who is shooting at cars and injured a fan on the way to watch the world series. latest victim was shot in the hip by driving from grand rapids to detroit to watch game three of the world series. the bullet went through the car door. four similar shootings have been reported since october 16th and this fan was the first to be inj
Oct 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
obviously trying to tell people why they should be elected, why they should have that job. this is an opportunity to show why you should have that job particularly for the incumbent president obama, he gets a chance to show it. even mitt romney is able to telegraph messages abgut how he would lead if he were in power simply byhat he does during a crisis like this.ha >> ifill: and yet there is a lot still going on behind the scenes. i assume that these guys aren't sitting here a week out and until let's just wait this passes. >> that's right. while president obama has been off the campaign trail and mitt romney converted a campaign event today into a rereef event, their surrogates have be out there, ann romney, joe biden, michelle obam bill clinton. their campaigns have continued b to run advertising. we've seensolicitations for contributions not to the obama campaign but to the redso cross from that massive email list that barack obama has. the campaigns were up and running. they're still doing all the things they normally do. there's a little more sensitivity in the stes
Nov 2, 2012 2:00pm EDT
here and for your service.please join me for rounf applause. >> for days until election day. here is what our coverage looks like. michelle obama is campaigning in petersburg, virginia, today at virginia state university. tonight mitt romney and paul ryan will be joined by their wives on the campaign trail, in westchester, ohio. also joining them is condoleezza rice and senator john mccain. that is at 7:30 on c-span. the amount we have to create an environment that our small businesses can thrive. when we look at the uniqueness on the border different from the reform metered -- needed, we need comprehensive immigration reform. we have a work force problem because of our immigration system is broken. we cannot get workers to go back and forth. these problems create an impediment to commerce. we have to provide a workforce that can move back and forth easily, and now we cannot do that because of the impediments that are there by not having an effective immigration policy. that becomes an economic issue. >> some of the issues have to do with what was raised here with regard to be nea
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
to persuade voters in this incredibly close election. >> reporter: with the campaign largely on hold, president obama hunkered down at the white house prepared the nation monday for what could be sandy's long-lasting impact. >> the public needs to prepare for the fact this this is going to take a long time for us to clean up. the good news is we will clean up, and we will get through this. >> reporter: the president awoke monday in orlando for what was supposed to be a one-day three-state blitz along side former president clinton. instead, he and aides called an audible and headed back to washington to focus on the storm. at the midday briefing, mr. obama insisted the campaign was not on his mind. >> i'm worried about the impact on families, and i'm worried about the impact on our first responders. i'm worried about the impact on our economy and on transportation. the election will take care of itself next week. >> meanwhile, for much of monday mitt romney tried to walk a fine line, balancing campaigning in ohio and iowa with compassion for storm victims. in ohio he appealed for amer
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
this is going to affect the elections. a huge political ramification going into nine days until voters go to the polls. how do any affect this? >> we've seen both governor romney and president obama have to cancel events, obama in virginia, and adjust their schedules. president obama canceling an event in colorado. that's one big impact right now and also it will affect their efforts to get out the vote and early voting didn't seem to have much effect on the early voting in florida yesterday but could complicate efforts to get out the vote in virginia and ohio, two other key states that will be impacted by the storm and finally if this storm is as bad as it seems to be right now, it could block out the closing arguments of these candidates in the last nine days. >> in some ways this is the real october surprise. i wonder if you're the president, how do you manage campaigning because the job is truly on the line with governing and managing perhaps a large disaster response. >> you show you're in touch. that's why the president put out photos of him talking to the director of the federal e
Oct 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
romney's strongest supporters has nothing, but praise for president obama's response to the sandy disaster. the president's beenec spooing with governors christie and cuomo as well as several mayors in town impacted by the super storm. as for this election the president says that will take a backseat. >> the election will take care of itself next week. right now our number one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives. >> nbc news political director chuck todd joins me now to fill us in on what we know about what the president is doing. chuck, i just got this note passed to my desk that the president will remain in d.c. through tomorrow, not going out on the campaign trail. this is a big effect coming into the homestretch. >> he's canceled tomorrow's events. you would assume in some form or another governor romney will blow back some events. they've canceled some today, for instance, on romney's side, but they turned one campaign event into a relief event in ohio, but the president at 11:45, he's holding a conference call with mayors and governors in the affected areas and
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
! >> president obama will be and all lur orlando. and as off mitt romney also redevelops his path of campaigning to go to ohio. we will keep you updated on all the election events and have extended coverage of that evening. >> there is snow at heavenly ski resort it looks like a beautiful day. with yaho janu? >> we are waking up to some areas of cloud coverage on our mount tam cam. dance along the coast and sunshine expected with warm temperatures it could be another round of 80s. and mostly upper 70's but overnight close clouds could return pushing into the inland valleys, overnight. this is where they are along the bayshore by noon, plenty of sunshine and it will be building along the san mateo coast. pressing into the overnight hours. 50s through san francisco and livermore. and it is getting to about 82 degrees low mid 70's for the east bayshore west 66 degrees in half moon bay. and a mixture of mid-70s. and 78 degrees expected in napa. your full forecast coming up. changes but for now, let us go back to marty. >> we have been talking about some breaking news. we understand there's a three-
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. go like a pro. >>> our fifth story "outfront," the politics of sandy. one week until election day, the storm could wreak havoc on the neck and neck presidential race. there was a new poll of polls, and that poll shows a dead heat. president obama at 47%, mitt romney at 48%. again, that's a national poll, and this really may come down to state by state. but today, a key romney surrogate. in fact, one of the first people to actually come out and endorse him, way before anyone else did, the man who delivered the keynote address back in august said this. >> the president has been all over this, and he deserves great credit. i've been on the phone with him, like i said, yesterday personally three times. he gave me his number at the white house, told me to call him if i needed anything. and he absolutely means it. it's been very good. it's been very good working with the president. and he and his administration have been coordinating with us. it's been wonderful. >> so could chris christie's kind words, it's been wonderful for the other side do anything to tip this balance in a tight ra
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
see is that the obama campaign is far more interested in the early voting. and the romney campaign is still in the persuading phase of this election. they're going door to door trying to get people out to early vote, but really trying to persuade them to vote either early or on election day. >> all right, thank you, dean reynolds. >>> hurricane irene cost more than $4 billion in losses when it ripped through the east coast and economists believe hurricane sandy can be even worse. >> and storms can be good for some businesses. rebecca jarvis is with us again. >> who is it good for, who is it bad for? >> ultimately if you're a consumer in 24 country and hit by the hurricane, one in five people are expected to be hit by the hurricane it will be a problem for you. in addition to that, retailers in this country sort of break into two camps. you have the camp of those who are providing what people want and then you have the camp of providing what people want. if you are providing what people need, this could be beneficial to you. home depot lowe's they're seeing a big
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
mitt romney leading by one point, but a new ppp poll from florida has president obama up by one point. 49%/48%. in ohio a new ppp poll has the president leading by four, 51%/47%. new hampshire, a small state that may play a big role on election night. the new ppp poll has the president up by two there. in north carolina a new poll from elon university, shows the race tied, who would have thought that a few weeks ago finally to oregon, a state president obama won by 17 points in '08. the race is tightening there. it's down to 47%, obama, 41% for romney. we'll be right back. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. >>> welcome back to "hardball." we now know this election may very well come down to ohio. and in the last few days, the romney campaign has done some things even independent observers consider desperate. first came this from mitt romney last thu
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
the political world in the last full week before the election. president can presidential candidate mitt romney has canceled his trip to virginia beach, still scheduled to campaign today in florida. president obama's campaign had no plans to cancel his trips to new hampshire today. the president did move up, though, a planned trip to orlando to sunday. >>> president obama devoted his weekly video address to a consumer watch dog group he helped create to protect people's credit scores. >> the companies that put your credit score together can make mistakes. they may think you had a loan or a credit card that was never yours. they may think you were late making a payment, when you were on time. and when they mess up, you are the one who suffers. >> the president says if you have a complaint about your credit score, you can tell the consumer watch dog group about it at [ crowd cheering ] >>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan began a two-day trip through ohio this morning. he spoke at a rally at a construction equipment company in philadelphia. the wisco
Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. >>> could theout come of this sunday's football game predict the presidential election as well? we'll break down the so-called redskins rule, plus the players talk about why they must win their homecoming game. we'll be right back. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, w
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of entertainment and politics especially this close to the election bleed into each other, of course. on 30 rock, don cheadle is paid to endorse mitt romney. here it is. >> hi, i'm hollywood liberal don cheadle and i support -- barack obama would have you believe that african-americans are better off under his leadership. but i just got $10 million for appearing in an ad for mitt romney. so ask yourselves, brothers and sisters, who's really got your back? because from where i'm standing, mitt romney is -- oh, my dear -- >> dean is here. your new article on, are you getting more material from the right or from the left? >> it depends on what you're talking about. i try to get material from both. i think sometimes some of the politicians on the right give us more material. but some of the stuff this week was ridiculous. you had trump and coulter and sarah palin and john sununu. i just wrote an article entitled "ignore the publicity whores." the media reflects what we want. if ann coulter doesn't date ratings on piers morgan, she's not going to get them -- >> you were really flabbergasted a
Oct 28, 2012 9:00pm EDT
, very comparable to republican accusations about obama and libya. >> guest: contactually right. >> host: it's a perennial thing. when there's an issue of an attack, you go with it. >>>> guest: there's a strong attack from the right, lead up to the midterm election, and it endures after that. this is what -- part of what kennedy's facing with trying to control the message. it's not just about making kennedy look good. any president is going to want to -- want good press, anyone wants good press. part of it is just trying to get good press, but in controlling the message, is also trying to not let critics define him. now, if we think that through a little bit, what would have happened if the republicans had turned this into a kennedy failure, if, instead of us now remembering this as a kennedy victory, a great moment in the cold war battle, but instead talk about like it was another bay of pigs for kennedy, another weakened moment he should have known he was negligent or any of those aspects, if you think about that, the implications for kennedy at the time were enormous. he was having a
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 10:00am PDT
don't know is the massive ground game. the huge advantage that obama has put enough state to make a firewall. what is happening is that other states are crumbling. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan. there is a national election going on. here is the important point. if this election is under 2.5 points, we could end up in a very close electoral race. but if mitt romney does move to four five points nationally, it would be a huge electoral victory. we are waiting to see if the incumbent gets a kick historically. we still have libya and what i consider the october surprise, potentially. megyn: i need a quick answer, but how do you see this storm playing out a letter -- electorally? >> the president desperately needs a game changer. we just need to play this out and get everybody safe and dry. megyn: everyone needs to be prepared. outside of the fox news studios moments ago. [laughter] here he is. we appreciate it. i don't say this lightly, but it's hard for people to get here. the bridges and tunnels are being shut down. the mass transit is being shut down. but there is an election
Oct 30, 2012 2:00pm PDT
a new cnn poll has mitt romney leading by one point, but a new ppp poll from florida has president obama up by one point. 49%, 50%. in ohio a new pp p poll has the president leading by four, 51%, 47%. new hampshire, a small state that may play a big role on election night. the new pp p poll has the president up by two there. in north carolina a new poll from elan university, shows the race tied, who would have thought that. finally to oregon, a state president obama won by 17 points in '08. the race is tightening there. it's down to 47%, obama, 41% for romney. we'll be right back. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. >>> welcome back to "hardball." we now know this election may very well come down to ohio. and in the last few days the rom
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
tonight. >>> president obama said he's confident state and federal governments have done all they can to prepare for the storm. coming up the warning he's sending to the public and the impact sandy could have with election day a week away. teacher: t his isest virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. and this is ryland. every marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. prand you're seeing that rightno quit in amnow.a... over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; build
Nov 2, 2012 1:00am EDT
at 10:00 eastern on c-span. on election day, watch our coverage. debates from key races from around the country. coming up on c-span, republican presidential candidate mitt romney campaigns in doswell, virginia. then president obama holds a campaign rally at the university of colorado at boulder. and later, "washington journal" looks at the role of ohio as a battleground state in 2012. later today we'll have a senate debate from maine. we'll bring it to you live starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> these are the stories your text booksing left out. they're great stories about real people in american history, very important moments in american history that we don't know about, the first pilgrims in america came to -- came 50 years before the mayflower sailed. they were french. they made wine. they had the good sense to land in florida in june instead of december in massachusetts, but then they were wiped out by the spanish. but we completely left the story out of the text books. the most famous woman in america, she was taken captive by indians in 1695, marched up into ne
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am EDT
hit the hardest and it matters a lot to president obama who is beating romney in the polls. it ties florida for the third most electoral votes, 29. new york can establish an additional day for elections within 20 days of november 6th. if there's an emergency. it's already warned voters that polling sites may change because of the storm. we have asked the state board whether or not it might be considering changing dates for elections in hard-hit areas of the state. cheryl, so far no response. cheryl: i mean obviously we know new york and new jersey are now major disaster areas quote unquote, are there other states where delaying the vote could possibly happen on the state level, peter? peter: we have been researching this all morning and have not found any so far. and frankly i think it is because we are still in the throes of the storm and a lot of these governors and state officials are just trying to figure out how to protect people and their property and their transportation systems, economy, etc. but i don't -- this issue was raised by the fema director in a phone call with repo
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
to unleash. so i think the market psychologically with like to see a romney win, but even if it's obama, we can still make a plan. and that's the biggest problem. >> what happens if we don't find out the outcome of the election by wednesday morning? >> that's the talk of the town right now. downstairs everybody's talking that is the biggest disaster because if he with have that uncertainty continue -- i don't think it would go as lon at figure cal cliphysical kal clif that's the irs volumes have been low because we ecause there is no etting plan going forward. >> scott, we'll leave it there, but thanking for your perspective. we'll see you soon. the question on our minds here this morning, to run or not to run. that is our question. the big controversy over mayor bloomberg's decision to push forward with the marathon. one topic of outrage to touch on in chairs this morning. smart comes with 8 airbags, 3 a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. but don't just listen to me. listen to these
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am PDT
, in a moment. folks, we have an election. it is one week from today. and as you may have heard by now, the obama and romney camps, they canceled rallies planned for today, even before this superstorm hit. but, mitt romney, he got out this morning, he collected some relief supplies in kettering, ohio, and was peppered with questions about his stance on the federal government providing disaster relief. take a listen. >> what should fema's involvement be? governor, would you eliminate fema if you were president? >> what would you do with fema? what is your response? >> hearing all the questions, no answers from mitt romney today on where he stands on the federal government providing disaster relief through fema. so, let's go to washington, dana bash, who joins me to talk about this here. do me a favor, remind us why this has become such an issue for mitt romney. >> well, brooke, this stems from a cnn debate during the republican primaries and it was in june of 2011, where romney was asked about federal relief. at the time it was about joplin, missouri, just after that was hit in the deva
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am EDT
of next week's election. tomorrow night watching live coverage as rylan is democrat faces off against mr. darby. president obama getting back on the trail tomorrow with appearances in green bay and las vegas and in colorado this morning. just a short while ago the president leaving the white house for new jersey. you will be visiting new jersey touring areas impacted by hurricane sandy and meeting with new jersey gov. chris christie on the campaign trail on the republican side, mitt romney, three stops today. including jacksonville, with jeb bush. we have that live for you at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. head of that, joe biden who is campaigning today throughout florida. three stops including one at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we will have that live at 3:00 p.m.. in ohio, rob apartment and the governor traveling across the state. encouraging early voting there. in ohio. they stop and i part of our live coverage today on c-span. >> let us get the album that document the family during a white house years. and before. part of the coolidge family papers, we have one box that is just photographs. and
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
's longer than that, if cleanup stretches in closer to election day. but, again, this impact is potentially on early voting is an issue. that's something the obama team thinks favors them in a state like virginia. we just have to wait and see. >> who do you have joining you on the program? >> we have the governor of ohio, john casic, governor of wisconsin, surprisingly close, scott walker and colorado, very close. the democratic governor of that state as well. rachel maddow is on our roundtable and chuck todd with the latest maps and what to look for on election day. >> thank you very much. >>> the "today" show will broadcast live from the university of richmond as they talk with undecided voters whose attention the candidates are trying to capture. watch lester holt's report live coming up this morning at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >>> we want to turn our attention back to hurricane sandy now. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> coming up, the latest track on sandy. just released about an hour or so ago. we'll take a look at the threat for our area and give you all the details
Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
republican in big elections. >> host: snapshot of pennsylvania, it's 20 electoral votes. back in 2008 barack obama winning by ten percentage points. unemployment in the state essentially mirroring what we have nation wild, 8.2% -- nationwide, 8.2%. terry madonna, neighboring ohio is getting an awful lot of attention with its 18 electoral votes. what is so different between ohio and pennsylvania that makes the buckeye state more of a battleground than pennsylvania at least at the moment? >> guest: yeah. yeah, well, the essential difference is that ohio has a good many be more sort of moderate independent voters at this point which are likely to vote either republican or democrat. as i pointed out a moment ago, the reason the democrats have done well is they've captured the suburbs of our state in these last, in the presidential elections in recent years, and that's been the defining difference. you've got that big swath of in the middle of ohio in columbus that is the battleground area there. obviously, with the cleveland area up in the northeastern part of the state being democratic and the
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
important election of our lifetime. people feel that way because the one that you're in. i do think that obama's victory could create a major ideological shift in the country. and obama's losing could have something to do with where we were a decade ago. it can be very unique and very promising. we could be doing some major advancement that would be great for the environment. obviously, the youth vote is very critical. it is also very unusual that people care so much. [inaudible] so you are lucky and blessed to be listening to and to be part of this election. >> tim? >> though, i wanted people to step up a little bit. we talked about fiscally conservative people, and i would like to see some socially liberal liberals. we didn't get into the juggler or civil liberties were a bunch of other things. and i would like to see something from the left. as far as i can see, we have gone butkus on all those issues. every couple of years, there is a big debate that are held in some false. a connection between libertarians and conservatives, is coming to an end? my friend, jonah goldberg, says
Nov 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
a supply store -- surprise or two on election night. what do you look for? >> pennsylvania is a state that we did not look at as competitive. bob casey was caught sleeping. he did not take this race seriously. i think obama still has a narrow edge. i think casey will pull this out. democrats have had to go in and help him. what we are looking for, if scott brown does not pull it out in massachusetts early on, and tim kaine slightly has an edge in virginia, it becomes difficult for republicans. republicans would be happy for a win at 3. democrats have good candidates. even if they fall short in places like arizona and north dakota, they have made these republicans spend money. >> thank you very much. >> now from maine, a debate among candidates for the senate seat. this hourlong debate is brought to us by wmtw tv in portland, maine. >> in the next hour, you will hear from six candidates who want to represent the maine in the senate. i want to give you a quick word about our format tonight. the questions come from our editorial board and viewers and e-mails. we want to hear from you. >>
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
seems to have died out. it's left him in a very competitive position. he could win the election. but he may need a little bit of push by the end. and then the other thing that people talk about is the idea that president obama can showrd shal leadership and he's helping people, using fema and other tools of the administration. i'm kind of skeptical of that because i think people understand that that's a president's job. i don't see the president getting much mileage out of that. but who knows. >> this is a random question. if the election were held tomorrow, would they ever cancel or delay the actual election itself due to weather,s that that ever happened? >> not to my knowledge. i think it would be very, very difficult to do. but, you know, stranger things have happened. i'm not aware that that's ever happened. i mean, it certainly happened in particular jurisdictions. you remember in 9/11, they moved the mayoral election in new york city. so certainly there's press department for in the catastrophic circumstance moving the date, but i've never seen that in a presidential election and
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